Day 28 {Make Madness} – Sequin Storage

Make Madness


Day 28 of Make Madness – Sequin Storage


If you were just saying to yourself, “I wish I knew how to store my sequins”, then, my friend, this post is for you!

I’ve been in a Spring-cleaning/Super organizing frenzy of late in the attempt to declutter and also have a really good idea about what and where my craft supplies are.  All of them.

DSC_8565I have a couple of tins of sequins all mixed together that I use in card making and scrap booking.  I’d like them sorted by color and when I saw this Pinterest pin, I knew this was how I wanted to organize my sequins.

Last September, I found a turnstile spice rack and knew that I would use it to store some craft supply, I just didn’t know which one.  I came across my sequin bins a couple of days ago and thought this would be perfect.

IMG_0591The spice rack I found is brown and I want to paint it a cheerier color and then fill it to the brim with tiny glittery sequins.

Until this evening,




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Really???  You’re going to fill it with sequins.  I don’t even know what sequins are, but I do know they’re not treats.


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1 Response to Day 28 {Make Madness} – Sequin Storage

  1. Ed Lawson says:

    Michael’s sells a plastic box with round containers that screw together, about 25 per box, that I use to store crystals/rhinestones. The containers will each hold over 1000 small crystals. I label each round container as some came as part of a kit from Crystal Eye Candy. I embellish machine embroidery designs with the crystals.

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