IMG_1699I live with my husband and our dog, Mindy, in Northern California.  My love for creating began when I was 4 and my mom gave me a set of sewing cards and some yarn.  I love all kinds of crafts, collecting ideas and inspiration and passing along my creative inspiration to others.  As the title of my blog would suggest, I’ve had the pleasure of walking all our dogs and currently love walking Mindy everyday.  As we walk (or rather sniff) I use that time to think up ideas and work through my plans.
Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I hope to see you again soon.

Hey there.  I’m Mindy and if you come around here often, you’re going to see A LOT of me cause my mom thinks I’m pretty special.

I also think it’s important for me to comment on her work.  She loves that!

I look forward to your thoughts

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