Day 1 {Make Madness} – Words & Washi Tape

Make MadnessWith this blog series, I’ll be posting twice a day.  There will be a morning post and an evening post.  The first post will describe what I plan to work on and the second post will show how I did.


So without further adieu – Day 1 of Make Madness – Words & Washi Tape

feb9889685b606cd1a34192a9cf2cd4aI can’t remember when I was introduced to washi tape, but it didn’t take long for me to develop a genuine love for this versatile product.  It’s definitely a product that is ‘collectible’, but it’s even more fun to use.

I came across this tutorial on Pinterest that shows how to apply words to your washi tape.  I love to add little touches to cards and envelopes and to the packages I send off through my Etsy shop.  When I saw this tutorial I thought I’d like to give it a go.

Come back tonight to see how I did.
Until this evening,






You know my birthday’s coming up.  You could print “Happy 13th Birthday Woody” on some tape and use it to wrap my presents.  Just a suggestion.

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