Fifty Days to 50: DIY Sticker Book


My day ended up being a bit of a rabbit trail today… all because of a YouTube Video ;-).

There are a few things in life I can’t seem to get enough of… boxes, glitter, yarn, dogs and stickers.  Today I’m focused on stickers ;-).  I have always loved stickers.  There was a time when there were stores devoted to stickers.  Like a candy shop, you could browse the rolls of stickers and buy as many as you wanted in all sizes, shapes, colors and themes.  Sticker only shops don’t exist any more, but my love of stickers hasn’t waned.

0128ddfe6fc4958380d22ac734e2684c4e342e5ce0I remember in high school my closest friend came home from a family vacation with a little strawberry covered tin.  It was a gift for me and it contained stickers.  I still have that tin and the memories of how happy that gift made me.  My friend had no idea how much I loved stickers or how thoughtful her gift was that 35 years later I still have the tin.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for an efficient, easily accessible way to organize my stickers.  Currently I have them divided into categories but they’re not easily accessible.  They’re all in boxes and drawers and it’s not ideal.

I came across a YouTube tutorial where the host was talking about Sticker Books.  At first I thought she was talking about books filled with stickers and she was in a way – the books were filled with her stickers. These were blank books with nonstick paper for you to arrange and organize your stickers.  I looked them up on Amazon and while they weren’t terribly expensive, the DIYer in me thought, “I could make my own.”

I searched around the interwebs to find out the best “paper” to use and discovered that Reynolds Wax Paper is the best.  I then found this tutorial by Knicnax on how to make a DIY Wax Paper Sticker Book.  I found my wax paper, some cardstock and made my first Sticker Book.  The tutorial was excellent and I think I’ll make a book for each category.  I will also spend more time decorating the cover and labeling.  I love the “bookstyle” for easy storage and accessibility.







I’m always on the hunt for efficient and inexpensive organizing ideas especially for my craft supplies.  If you know of any, please send them my way.

Until tomorrow,






Buddy and I would love to help you with the sticker book devoted to all your dog stickers.


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