Day 28 {Make Madness} – Part 2- Sequin Storage

Make Madness


Day 28 of Make Madness – Sequin Storage


So this is one of those projects that I’m really glad I decided to do, but really wonder when I’ll actually be finished.  I learned a valuable lesson about sequins today:  When buying sequins, don’t think to yourself, “Hhmmmm…. that little bag looks too small.  200 mixed sequins don’t seem like nearly enough.  I should get more.”  Trust me 200’s enough.  It takes FOREVER to separate tiny sequins into color groups.  FOREVER.  This will be a “doing while watching television” project.





IMG_0591My little sequin rant aside, I’m pleased with how my turnstile rack turned out.  As you can see, in the picture on the left, it started out brown and then I painted it.  I primed it with black spray paint, and then chose a bright purple to match my paint racks.


Here’s how it looks now –  filled to the brim with tiny glittery sequins.









Until tomorrow,







So sequins it is, huh?  Okay, but the next twirly rack thing you find at the next garage sale you go to should be for treats. It’s only right.


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1 Response to Day 28 {Make Madness} – Part 2- Sequin Storage

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    You have amazing patience!!

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