Day 17 {Make Madness} – Crocheted Hexagons

Make Madness


Day 17 of Make Madness – Crocheted Hexagons


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

6a00e551101c548834010535d7b128970c-500wiI’m a bit enamored with hexagons at the moment.  And crocheting. And using my scraps.

My mom taught me to crochet when I was 7 and I’ve picked it up now and then over the years.  I recently got back into it when I decided I wanted to make a Ripple blanket for a friend’s daughter’s wedding.  And I’m hooked again (pun, intended).

Lucy from Attic24, is “responsible” for all the wonderful blanket patterns that I’m following and she also has a terrific tutorial to make hexagons.

After my experience using my fabric scraps to make English Paper Pieced hexagons, I thought I’d use up some of my yarn leftovers to work on some crocheted hexagons.

Until this evening,




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Happy St Pawtricks Day



You told us we were celebrating St. Paw-trick’s day.  Who’s Patrick?




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