Fifty Days to 50: The value of Daily

I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed at how fast time seems to fly.  I blink and another month or year has passed.

Mindy and I were walking the other day and I remarked to her (don’t judge me for having a conversation with my dog-she’s a great listener) that in a year I didn’t want to say to myself, “I really should… [insert task]”.  There are some projects/tasks that I’d really like to be done with.  I wondered why these particular tasks stayed on my ToDo list for such a long time and I discovered it’s because that’s the only action I take with them:  putting them on my ToDo list.  They’re all long term projects that require daily effort.  And I’m not putting in the daily effort.

That led me to thinking about the simple, yet powerful benefits of Daily.

I’m great with the discipline of Daily at the beginning of a journey when everything is fresh and exciting.  About day 7, however, I start to wane and get bored.  A friend of my commented on my #onemileadayfor50days challenge saying that it should be easy because I always walk at least a mile with my dogs.  I do always walk at least a mile, but I don’t do it  And never for 50 days straight.  This is my challenge, not only with walking, but in all aspects of my life.

I need to develop the same attitude that Mindy, my dog, has towards her daily walk and meals.  She acts as though this is the first walk she’s ever been on or the first meal she’s ever eaten and she’s over the moon with excitement.  Every time we leave the house or I fill her bowl with kibble, she’s like this.  She eats the same kibble and we walk the same route, sniff the same lawns/trees/bushes/flowers, see the same doggie friends and she brings the same level of excitement each time.  The other attitude she has is one of, “I GET to do this again?”  Now, I know she’s a dog, but there’s lots to be learned.

Great things can happen when you commit to a daily discipline:  you become healthy and fit, you finish projects, your faith deepens, you master skills, you accomplish your goals.  Daily attention to these areas requires commitment and consistency, faith in the process, a bit of humbleness and a willingness to settle in for however long it takes to complete.

Just my thoughts as I keep moving, daily, towards 50.

Until tomorrow,





“Ok, I only understood two words: walk and kibble.  And I’m all ears.”

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4 Responses to Fifty Days to 50: The value of Daily

  1. Patty says:

    I love your blog Grace and todays is so me….I want to do certain projects but don’t take the action…hoping this will be my inspiration.

  2. edlawson99 says:

    I too have many projects to be completed. Procrastination and fear of making a mistake seems to keep me from starting or completing projects. I like your logic and using your dog for a life lesson. Thanks.

    • gracieed says:

      Thanks Ed. I also deal with procrastination and fear of making mistakes. I try not to think about the HUGE pile of projects- just the one right in front of me. It’s not easy.

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