Day 17 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Crocheted Hexagons

Make Madness


Day 17 – Crocheted Hexagons


Okay, I’m officially hooked!

Lucy’s tutorial was excellent and within minutes I had a couple of crocheted hexagons.

0148f16a07344c11568e571f9bc1310757bf118742Because you tie off after each section (except the last), you can make several centers at a time, then work on round 2 for several pieces.  This could be handy if you wanted to create a blanket out of the hexagons. Figure out how many pieces you’ll need then make all the centers, followed by round 2’s, then 3’s.  Or you can just make each one as you go.

I love the fact that your choice of colors really don’t matter, unless you’re going for a particular color scheme.  I think I want to try a blanket made up of a hodge podge of color.

Such a great use for scrap yarn!!

Here’s are my hexies:









Until tomorrow,








I’ll bet they don’t make hexagon-shaped cookies for dogs.  You could be the first one to do that.  And I could be your taste tester.  It could work.  Let’s try.




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