The Christmas decorating is done.

I finally finished decorating for Christmas.  Here are some snapshots of our merriment.

01ab55fbe03de42cdeb6b42876ecbbdc73f727ceaeOur Christmas decorating centers around our wall tree.  It’s made of seven branches that I found in our backyard, painted white and cut in decreasing lengths.  Each branch rests on nails Mike attached to the wall.  I start by wrapping the branches with lights and tinsel (sparkly yarn).  I then start hanging most of our ornaments.  I had a few extra this year with with 30 Days of Christmas Ornaments blog series, but that’s okay because I have three extra trees that need decorating.  I hang the ornaments with fishing line because it’s invisible and strong.  After Christmas, I’ll keep the tree up, but start adding birds (Quest46 #33).


018339ab5530710ea1bd6bd2e6dfac06026a65c68eNext we have our fireplace that features the ‘dog’ 012f11964a6a8cfd8984bc947925041eca22535421Christmas tree.  This is a 3′ lighted tree with only ‘dog related’ ornaments.  Here’s a close up.  Over the years I received lots of doggy ornaments, but was able to add a few more this year.  I had planned to make the base into a dog house, but time got away from me so I’m saving that idea for next year.

Then we have the fireplace mantel.  This is where I put my Precious Moments Nativity.  My mom bought this for me the first year we were married.  The angel holding the ‘Jesus’ banner was added a few years later.


And now comes the Santa Collection.  I’ve been collecting these guys (and a Mrs. Claus) for 26 years.  I wrote a post about my ten favorite a couple of years ago.  Each tree on this display also has some Santa ornaments and others that I couldn’t fit on the wall tree.


Here are some close ups.




















And finally, our entry.

0155b78c0ad397dbb3b1106b060f12b5991788df8eI hope you are having a festive Christmas season and enjoying this time with family and friends.








I’m really enjoying Christmas.  Although I did happen to ruin mom’s Dog Advent Calendar idea.  She had to take all the biscuits out of the buckets because she didn’t realize my super power is ‘Protector of all Food.’  Apparently it wasn’t cool to park myself next to the Advent Calendar and growl at the other dogs as they walked by.  Hhmmm…

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8 Responses to The Christmas decorating is done.

  1. andresue says:

    The wall tree is really neat. It’s awesome that you can convert it through the seasons.

    • gracieed says:

      Thank you. I’m excited about making all different kinds of birds and decorating for occasions other than Christmas. I’m even considering an idea for birthdays.

  2. Moongazer says:

    I LOVE your wall tree!! What a brilliant idea!!
    *goes away wondering if she has space somewhere for that* 😀

  3. Michelle says:

    Wall tree!!!!!!! That looks beautiful! And a dog tree too that’s awesome.

  4. karijo68 says:

    Looks Great Grace!

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