Ornament #11 – Crochet Star {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

30 Days Christmas OrnamentsOrnament #11 – Crochet Star01975f3c23ee446d9c7de2af88d31e0493c539bf8c

Crochet is the first craft I learned after my introduction to sewing cards when I was 4.  Actually I was 7 when my mom taught me to crochet.  I’ve told the story before in a post about organizing my yarn, so my love of crochet I owe to my mom.

01bdb2e8a606947afb085f25ba9420c30560bc999dI wanted to do some type of yarn-y ornament and when I saw this tutorial for a Christmas star, I knew I’d found the one.  The pattern was super easy to follow and I found myself making one after the other.  It was a bit addictive and difficult to stop.  They crocheted up really fast (10 minutes each) and I’m even thinking they could make a cool garland to hang up on the mantel.  Oh the possibilities are endless!

Once again, this is the type of ornament that would make an excellent gift tag as well.



Quest46LogoItem #33 – Make birds for wall tree.Birds

I’ve blogged about my wall tree before (here and here).  I have decorations for holiday times, but I want to keep the tree up year round, so I decided it needs to have some birds.  I’ve been curating bird patterns and projects on my “Birds, Birds” Pinterest board and plan to fill my tree with a family of birds.

Question of the Day:  Do you put your decorations away the day after Christmas or do you wait until after the first of the year?




Remember to enter the giveaway – here’s how:

1)  Leave a comment on each day’s post by answering my “Question of the Day”.  The “Question of the Day” will be right above my closing.
It looks like this :: Grace

2)  Over the course of this blog series, you can enter a maximum of 30 times.

There will be Mini Give-aways on the 15th, 22nd and 29th days of November.

  • The winner of each mini give-away will get to choose an ornament from the previous week.  For instance, the winner on the 15th will pick from Ornaments 8-14, the winner on the 22nd will pick from Ornaments 15-21, etc..
  • The Mini Give-away winners are still eligible for the Grand Give-away on December 1st.

On December 1, 2014, I will have a random drawing for one (1) lucky winner.  I will contact the winner for their mailing details and will mail to anywhere in the world.

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Really?? Birds??  In the house???  You’re really raising the bar with this one!!

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15 Responses to Ornament #11 – Crochet Star {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. Michelle says:

    WALL TREE that’s such a cool idea. And I usually take my decorations down the first of the year. I’m always sad when the Christmas season is over.

  2. Alan says:

    After the first of the year….

  3. After the first of the year, hopefully by February at the latest! Sometimes think I could just add Vanentine’s Day decorations.

  4. Denise says:

    After the first of the year.

  5. Pam Robertson says:

    After the 1st. Sometimes they have lasted a bit longer :o)

  6. Cathy Powell says:

    Somewhere between the day after Christmas and New Years Eve.

  7. Kathy Ryan says:

    I like to undecorate the tree while watching the Rose Parade. It usually takes me several days after the first of the year to finish taking down all the decorations.

  8. Tammy Rustmann says:

    We decorate after dinner on thanksgiving, then take it all down the day after Christmas.

  9. karijo68 says:

    Good Morning Gracie:) We celebrate ” Little Christmas” or the epiphany January 6. So in our home so we keep our tree up til the Wise Men get to the stable:) Good excuse to extend the season and enjoy the tree!

    • gracieed says:

      I love that Kari. We seem to do all our celebrating before Dec 25 and forget that Dec 25 should be the start of our celebrating. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’m going to keep everything up until Jan 6 this year.

  10. Emi says:

    After the first of the year.

  11. Neil says:

    The day after christmas.

  12. Marjorie C says:

    After January 1

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