Advent Calendar for my Dogs

0156a509dccbed06131271dea7a98e0b8a46fa8729I know it’s the 9th of December and I’m just getting around to putting up the dogs Advent Calendar, but I figure better late than never.  (Little disclaimer:  We don’t have kids and don’t eat sugar so the chocolate and trinket calendars don’t work for our household.  What we do have is a lot of dog biscuits and dogs.)

I knew I wanted to make them an Advent Calendar and I knew it would involve dog biscuits, but wasn’t quite sure what form it would take.  I was inspired by many different approaches to the Advent Calendar on Pinterest and decided to co-opt my metal chalkboard in the entry for the holidays.

015255ce611f9d6a349c206fc1b0ebea4764cf51ac01d0f6e291ea780abe79c8fe937bde08b1b8f0cb01I found these galvanized metal buckets, painted white, at the dollar store.  I then cut out numbers using my Silhouette Cameo and mod podged them to the buckets.  The nice part about the metal buckets is that the magnet sticks to the bucket and the chalkboard (no glue needed).  I thought about cutting out a “Merry Christmas” sign for the top of the board, then just decided to write the words using my chalk.

016de61d4d9e7f7b2eab7565c1e9730677d233752bI intentionally placed the buckets up high because once the biscuits are in all bets are off.  In fact, I’ll have to put the biscuits in while the dogs are outside because if they see me do it, they’ll never leave me alone or a couple of them (and I’m not saying which two) will devise a plan to speed up Advent.


Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas,






So you mean to tell us that everyday we get treats out of these buckets???  Has Santa come early???

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3 Responses to Advent Calendar for my Dogs

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    Super cute Grace!

  2. Michelle says:

    That is such a fun idea!!

  3. Cathy Powell says:

    Very Clever!

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