Ornament #4 -Hand Painted Dog Bone Icicle {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

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As with Ornament #3, I was able to re-purpose the beads from 4 napkin ring holders.  I also raided my stash of beads to add some color and interest.  I purchased wood cutout dog bones, but had Memory Wire and wanted to use it because when it’s coiled, it gives the ornament some bounce.  Bounce is important in an ornament.

Here’s what I started with: (not shown is burgundy and gold spray paint)


White Paint Pen





I gathered my materials and immediately pulled the beads off the napkin rings with wire cutters.  I set those aside while I first chomped 1/4″ holes at the top of each dog bone with my Cropodile.  I then spray painted the wood dog bones with gold and burgundy paint.  I chose these colors because of the colors of the beads.  I sprayed the bones twice for good coverage and while those were drying I worked on the beaded hanger.  Memory wire is awesome because it will maintain any shape you mold it into.  I used our knife sharpening 01cc933c2ff99b4e233c1dc129ac50d0fa99c45092tool which looks like a 1/2″ solid pipe to wrap the wire around about 4 times.  I used my pliers to make a loop at the top and then started to feed beads onto the wire.  I set the beaded hangers aside and went back to the dog bones.  They were completely dry by now so I took my white paint pen and wrote “Bone Noel” on the burgundy bone and used a burgundy sharpie to write the same sentiment on the gold bone.  I also drew two paw prints in opposite corners.  I let those dry and then attached the beaded hangers with my pliers. And here they are:




Quest46LogoItem #26 – Paint Patio Furniture

As we’re nearing completion of our retaining wall and eventually our patio, I want to give our patio furniture a face lift so we can use it to eat meals outside in the warmer months.


Question of the Day:  Do you use an Advent Calendar and if so, is it store-bought or handmade?




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So let me see if I understand you correctly – Although these LOOK like dog bones, they’re really NOT dog bones.  But you wrote the word “Bone” on them – how are they NOT dog bones?  I’m confused.



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19 Responses to Ornament #4 -Hand Painted Dog Bone Icicle {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. Marjorie C says:

    Some years I do – and it’s usually a store-bought!

  2. Pam Robertson says:

    Never used an advent calendar, but I do have an advent candle wreath that I use.

  3. Alan says:

    Yes and store bought…

  4. Not any more, but when We did it was store bought.

  5. Michelle says:

    No, but I’ve always wanted to do one. I’m making countdown blocks for Christmas though! “Bounce is important in an ornament” hahaa that’s really cool!

    • gracieed says:

      I love countdown activities as well. It adds to the excitement of the season. When I worked in the kids program at my church, we mod-podged mason jars with tissue paper and put 25 slips of paper that had Christmas activities written on them. The kids would take out one activity each day leading up to Christmas.

      • Michelle says:

        That’s so fun!!! I love the Christmas season so much. People try to tell me you can’t start Christmas in November. Well, tell that to my countdown blocks.

      • gracieed says:

        When do you start your countdown?

      • Michelle says:

        I officially start listening to Christmas music and decorating on November 1st! I haven’t made the blocks yet but I’m planning to do that tonight!

      • gracieed says:

        Wow that’s awesome! I kick off my Christmas festivities on December 1 by watching a Christmas movie each night for 25 nights. I’ll be posting my movie list on my blog on Dec 1. I start decorating, however, the weekend following Thanksgiving.

      • Michelle says:

        I’m one of those terrible people that ignores Thanksgiving except for the day of because I’m to wrapped up in Christmas. I’m looking forward to that list though!

  6. Cathy Powell says:

    When the kids were young we used store bought

  7. Neil says:

    No I don’t.

  8. Kathy Ryan says:

    When my sister and I traveled cross country in 2000 to deliver a jeep to her son at Naval Academy in Annapolis we found and bought Christmas gifts for each other… mine is a caricature moose with wire antlers that hold 24 miniature ornaments. I hang one ornament each day of advent. It makes me smile and brings back lots of sweet memories. Had some great craft faire and store bought ones for our kids when they were little. Always enjoyed at our house.

  9. Emi says:

    We buy the Advent Calendars, love the little chocolate surprises!!

  10. Tammy Rustmann says:

    We use the candle one as well. my mother-in-law brought it over from Germany!

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