Ornament #6 – Glitter Paws {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

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I’m going to do a bit of a spoiler alert right now.  There will be several ornaments that are dog related involving paws and bones.  Just wanted you to know so you won’t be surprised :-).

So by now you know my favorite shapes are hearts and paws.  But what you probably didn’t know is that, after yarn, my favorite craft supply is glitter.  Sparkly, twinkly, glittery glitter!!  It was just a matter of time before I combined Paws and Glitter.

I gathered my supplies of Christmas ornaments, glue, glitter, q-tips, coffee filters and ribbon.  Crafty Tip:  Coffee filters are my favorite item for using with glitter.  The glitter doesn’t stick to the filter and you can easily pour your excess right back into the container.

01fef1b2ea1930ca7a46ac37d62c38046004a4c737I dipped my q-tip into the glue (any glue will do) and quickly “drew” out a paw and four toes.  You need to work quickly for this part because the glue tends to dry quickly.  When the “drawing” is done, you dump a good amount of glitter over the ornament (which is over the coffee filter), tap off the excess and voila, a Glitter Paw Ornament.  I have great plans for a “Dog Christmas Tree” this year and these are going to be featured in mass quantities.

I used an empty egg container to hold the ornaments while the glue dried completely, then added ribbon.  Eek, I’m in love with these!


Quest46LogoItem #28 – Make homemade dog biscuits for Christmas gifts.

I take care of dogs for friends and family and this year I want to thank them (and their dogs) for trusting me with their animals throughout the year.  As I was making this ornament, I thought this would be a great “tag” for the gift bag that will hold the dog biscuits.  Sshhh.  It’s a secret.

Question of the Day:  Do you send out Christmas cards and if you do, are they handmade, store-bought or email?




Remember to enter the giveaway – here’s how:

1)  Leave a comment on each day’s post by answering my “Question of the Day”.  The “Question of the Day” will be right above my closing.
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2)  Over the course of this blog series, you can enter a maximum of 30 times.

On December 1, 2014, I will have a random drawing for one (1) lucky winner.  I will contact the winner for their mailing details and will mail to anywhere in the world.

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Don’t forget –  we’re available if you need any taste testers for these dog biscuits you’re going to be making.


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20 Responses to Ornament #6 – Glitter Paws {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    One day I shall send out Christmas cards again. I will, I will! It’s been a few years and I have done a combo of both store bought and hand made over the years.

    This ornament is super adorable – so want to try it!!

  2. Emi says:

    I usually send out store bought cards, but this year I’m hoping to have Emilie make some cards for me. She is becoming quite the creative one. 😄

  3. Alan says:

    Usually send out e-cards…

  4. I have good intensions each year but have not sent them out in years, when I did they where store bought.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve never done Christmas cards, I’m not a card person. I never even put cards on presents oops. But I love those ornaments I totally want to make one for my friend.

  6. Kathy Ryan says:

    Ha, ha, ha… you know my answer to this one! My dad started photo Christmas cards in 1938. I started doing our family card when I was in high school. When Jim and I were married we started our own photo theme cards. As the boys got older they complained about having to pose for the “themes” and time away from what they wanted to be doing, so I said, “Fine, I’ll pull pictures from the whole year.” And so, the “photo album” card began in 1982. I not only do our card, I do my mom’s and my sister’s cards too. Thrillingly, all three of our sons’ families do a photo album card – so the tradition lives on. Our family history is in the albums of those cards.

  7. karijo68 says:

    Hi Grace…well you know the answer to this, COSTCO photo cards. We used to to Shutterfly but they were way to expensive. We have been doing Costco for the last 7-8 years:)

    • gracieed says:

      You’re right I do know the answer ;-). And you always make the cutest cards. You probably don’t know this, but I keep them all. It’s fun to go back and see how much the boys have changed over the years.

  8. karijo68 says:

    I love your ornaments! and can not wait to see your Doggie Christmas Tree:) Spectacular~!

    • gracieed says:

      Thanks Kari. It was difficult finding a smallish fake tree, but I did this morning on Amazon for $6. Can’t beat that. Now I just have to build the house and decorate the tree. Fun times!

  9. ingervaaeriksen says:

    Those are the cutest Christmas ornaments ever! Love ’em!

    Christmas cards are off course all hand made! We send out a whole bunch since we live abroad and don’t always see everyone during the short Christmas vacation we have back home.

  10. tammy rustmann says:

    I don’t send cards out,but I do hand deliver a few!

  11. Neil says:

    I send out bought christmas cards.

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