Day 19 – Good Morning Wake-up Spritzer – {DIY From Scratch}

Are you a morning person or a night person?  I tend to be a morning person, but on those mornings when I don’t go to bed early enough or I am woken by doggies in the night, I need a large cup of coffee and a ‘refreshing’ splash of cold water on my face to get going.

I LOVE the cup of coffee, but I could do without the ‘refreshing’ splash of water.  Until I discovered a Wake-up Spritzer made with essential oils.

ee211b844a3ad5e137219e0dd0ddc773It was super easy to put together.  I followed this tutorial, but substituted my own essential oils for the one’s they suggested, but I didn’t have.  I came up with a blend of peppermint, spearmint, orange, lime and lemon.  Incredibly uplifting!  I think I’ll also look 264ac308096d0f7ff27d516369fd7021up essential oils that promote rest and relaxation and make a spritzer for bed time.

They didn’t say to do this in the tutorial, but I think I’ll store mine in the fridge to get the added ‘benefit’ of a cold spritz.  It’s momentarily uncomfortable, but certainly wakes you up.

I think this would be a wonderful addition to a gift basket dedicated to pampering.  Maybe this, the body butter I’m making tomorrow (spoiler alert) and the foot soak I made yesterday.  There’s nothing like being relaxed, energized and moisturized all at the same time.

Until tomorrow,






Know what wakes me up in the morning?  A refreshing walk… nothing like it to wake you right up!


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