Pinterest 365 – Day 47- Polar Express Hot Cocoa

Polar Express CocoaI knew Mike and I would be watching “The Polar Express” tonight for our 25 Christmas movie Challenge.  And I love the Hot Cocoa scene so I searched Pinterest for a really good hot cocoa recipe.  And to my delight there were several entitled, “Best hot cocoa ever” and “Polar Express hot cocoa”.  I chose this crock pot recipe from the Mrs. Happy Homemaker blog and it is really quite good.


cocoa3  cocoa1cocoa2We enjoyed it while we were watching the movie.  The ingredient that surprised me was the sweetened condensed milk, but it really made the difference.  The crock pot recipe takes a couple of hours, but it’s definitely worth the wait.  As the song says, “Here, we’ve only got one rule:  Never ever let it cool!”

Until tomorrow,Grace




“Maybe this would be a good time for a Public Service Announcement about how bad chocolate is for dogs?”

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