A Month of Challenges – Day 17 (December 17)

I feel a bit back on track today.  I thought I was coming down with a cold, again, but a good nap was all I needed.  Sleep can really restore.

  • My December Daily journal entry will be about making Polar Express Hot Cocoa.
  • cocoa2This picture is my entry for the iHeartFaces Photo Challenge.  Today’s topic was “comforting”.  A hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows. Perfect while watching the Polar Express.
  • For “Journal Your Christmas”, today’s journal prompt is about reviewing your lists of things to do before Christmas.  Only one week to go.  I only have a couple more gifts to get and then I’m going to settle into enjoying my family and friends.
  • polar25 Christmas movies.  Mike and I watched “Polar Express”.  Love the Hot Chocolate Song.  Here are the lyrics if you’re interested.  And I recommend drinking a cup while you’re watching this scene.
    Hot! Hot!
    Oh, we got it!
    Hot! Hot!
    So, we got it!
    Hot! Hot!
    Yo, we got it!
    Hot chocolate!Here, we’ve only got one rule:
    Never ever let it cool!
    Keep it cookin in the pot,
    You’ve got- Hot choc-o-lat!

Until tomorrow,  Grace

Copy of WoodyEllie

“Only one week before Christmas!  Those two presents you still have to get don’t happen to be ours, do they?”

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7 Responses to A Month of Challenges – Day 17 (December 17)

  1. Such beautiful dogs. I love his brown and blue eyes sooo pretty. I also love the polar express…..and think about ideas, while walking my dog! 🙂 Nice to meet you guys and your blog

    • gracieed says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Kirby is very cute and looks like he brings you a lot of happiness. I love his reindeer sweater, by the way. I’m trying to talk my two into sweaters, but so far no luck.

      • He has what you would call little dog syndrome, where he wants/ and thinks he is a big dog, so coats and sweaters don’t always mesh with his manly man image, but the reindeer sweater is one I know he does like. He does make me very happy 🙂 And your two look like they bring you a lot of joy as well, I can see for one thing they give you lots of good ideas on your walks! 🙂

      • gracieed says:

        Yes they do. I do get lots of ideas while I’m walking them, but I also have a lot of help from Pinterest. I find the walking helps me to work out projects I’ve seen or put my own personal spin on others. And the dogs make sure that I don’t miss!

      • That is funny I just thought about joining Pinterest today, and just started checking out the site right before I got this message. At first I thought it was some instagram thing but it’s not and I like it! It seems like a great tool to get inspiration from!

      • gracieed says:

        It’s fairly amazing. I’ve been on for a while and was spending a lot of time just pinning ideas until some friends and I decided to start having Pinterest Parties. We get together once a month to make projects we’ve found on Pinterest. When I started blogging, I decided it would be fun to blog about a Pinterest pin everyday. So far so good. I think you’re really going to like it. Check out my “dogs” board. http://pinterest.com/gracieed/dogs/

      • Oh i most certainly will! You should checkout my dog blog too,always lots of dog-stuff happening! lol

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