Day 11 – Norville the Baby Parrot – {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word}

Welcome to the {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word} blog series.  Every day during the month of May, I’ll be posting a bird craft or bird-related item on my blog as well as placing that object on my wall tree.  I can’t wait until the end of the month when my tree will be alive with a collection of chirpy chums.

Day 11 Norville the Baby Parrot2Norville landed on our tree today.  Norville is a baby parrot who is extremely advanced for his age.  His dad should be on his way in a few days, but in the meantime, we’re going to enjoy Norville’s company.  Besides being incredibly cute, he loves to read mystery books, put together jigsaw puzzles and spend time gardening.  I told you he is advanced!

Day 11 Norville the Baby ParrotIt goes without saying that all the birds are enamored with Norville and are clamoring to spend time with him.  Henrietta’s even working on a new pie recipe just for him.  Baby’s always bring out the best in everyone.

Day 11 Norville the Baby Parrot on treeNorville is crocheted using Serenity Sock Weight yarn.   I found the pattern on Ravelry and made some of my own adjustments.  I used embroidery floss for his eyes and beak and added fun fur yarn for the feathers on his head.

Here’s a view of the tree so far.

Day 11 Wall Tree


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow,







Norville is adorable.  Can we keep him?


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