Day 9 – Flora the Paisley Blue Jay – {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word}

Welcome to the {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word} blog series.  Every day during the month of May, I’ll be posting a bird craft or bird-related item on my blog as well as placing that object on my wall tree.  I can’t wait until the end of the month when my tree will be alive with a collection of chirpy chums.

Day 9 Flora Jay Bird on the wall treeFlora the Paisley Blue Jay landed on our tree today.  Flora flew in from Tuscany where she spent her years in a vineyard overseeing the grape crushing.  She has stood out from the crowd her whole life because of her interesting feathers, but doesn’t mind her uniqueness.  When she’s not watching people crush grapes, you can find her hanging out under the rows of grapes with the local mice chatting about golf.  Flora, a scratch golfer, wants to fly to all the famous golf courses in the world and has offered to teach the birds on the wall tree how to golf if Day 9 Flora Jay Birdthey’re interested.  Polly and Pete just want to know where and when!

Flora is made from wood for her body and iron for her feet.  She was painted with pearl blue paint then covered with a paisley patterned paper and embellished with enamel dots and pearls.  Finally she received a coat of chalk ink allow her edges.



Here’s a view of the tree so far.

Day 8 Wall Tree


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow,




Homemade Dog Biscuits



We want to learn how to play golf?  We think that sounds like something we’d like.


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7 Responses to Day 9 – Flora the Paisley Blue Jay – {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word}

  1. Organizing Chic[k] says:

    How cute!!

  2. AndreSue says:

    She’s so pretty!

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