Day 24 – Microwave Bowl Cozy – {DIY From Scratch}

DIY Soap Scum RemoverYesterday I made, what I called, a Soap Scum Cleaner.  In reality, it should be called the Most Fantastic, Amazing, Incredible Soap Scum Remover Ever.

Here are the results.  The left photo is the before and the right photo is the after.  Notice you really can’t see the tile work in the left picture.

Shower Door BeforeShower Door After








The recipe made about 16 oz of solution and I used half of the bottle on two of these glass doors.  No noxious fumes, cost about 75 cents, took 2 minutes to prepare and WORKED!

I know I said yesterday that I was going to make a tile and grout scrub, but I made a microwave bowl cozy instead.  I’ll do the scrub tomorrow.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 1Microwave Bowl Cozy 3I have a group of friends that wanted to make these bowl cozies for Christmas gifts so I found this excellent video tutorial, made a prototype and taught my friends how to make this handy bowl.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 2The bowl cozy is one of those projects that looks complicated, but really isn’t.  It’s helpful if you know how to sew, but even someone just learning could make this fabric bowl.  The bowl is reversible, washable and can be used for more purposes than holding bowls.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 4My bowl was made using 10″ squares.  It holds a cereal bowl, but the tutorial also has measurements for two larger bowl cozies.  While it’s not shown on this tutorial, I know there are other places on the internet where you can learn how to custom size your cozy to fit your own bowls.


Until tomorrow,






You know what would fit really nicely in your bowl cozy?  Those DIY treat you’re going to make.  Woody’s been talking…

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4 Responses to Day 24 – Microwave Bowl Cozy – {DIY From Scratch}

  1. AndreSue says:

    I love the bowl cozies! Another great idea! Those would really come in handy. 🙂

  2. AndreSue says:

    Another great idea! Those bowl cozies would really come in handy! 🙂

    • gracieed says:

      Thank you. They work really well in the microwave, but I’m also thinking they would make cute bowls for storing my stitch markers and other knitting tools.

  3. Cathy says:

    I love the bowl cozies!

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