Day 23 – Soap Scum Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

01ede7bfd0b6bd87516849ad4368a8c17c9b95d928I’ve been using the DIY Daily Shower Cleaner for several weeks now and it’s doing a wonderful job, but it doesn’t take the place of actually cleaning the shower.  Darn!

So today, I made a Soap Scum Cleaner for our glass shower doors.  Tomorrow (spoiler alert), I’ll be whipping up a batch of tile and grout scrub.

There’s no shortage of fun around my house these days!

3I found this tutorial over at LifeCraftsAndWhatever which explains how to mix white vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid to create a soap scum remover.  I’ll have before and after photos tomorrow because you need to leave the mixture on overnight.

I’m on my way to amassing a collection of DIY cleaners that will take care of all the cleaning needs we have.  It’s nice to know that they actually work, take minutes to prepare, cost pennies and don’t give off noxious fumes.

Until tomorrow,






You know what I’m not seeing?  DIY Dog Biscuits.  You only have 6 more days.  Just sayin’.

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