Day 22 – Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

DIY Household CleanersIn the DIY Daily Shower Cleaner post, I mentioned that cleaning showers was not my thing.  Well neither are toilets. Yet, and I think we can all agree, they are modern conveniences that we are incredibly grateful for and need to maintain.

So today, I cleaned my toilets with a new Toilet Bowl Cleaner!

I found this great graphic with recipes for several ‘green’ cleaners.  Eventually I’ll try all the cleaners except for the granite cleaner because we don’t have any granite.

DIY Natural Toilet Bowl CleanerI poured the ingredients for the Toilet Bowl Cleaner directly into the toilet bowl because as you know vinegar and baking soda create a bit of a ‘volcano’ effect and I didn’t want that mess all over my counter.  When added directly to the water in the toilet bowl, there’s a bit of a fizziness, but nothing that causes a great reaction.  I swished the solution and set my timer for 30 minutes at which time I needed to pee.  I think that’s Murphy’s Law. (And, yes, I managed to take a shadow selfie in the toilet bowl!  My photography skills leave a lot to be desired. 😉 )

{Public Service Announcement}
If your dogs and/or cats like to drink out of the toilet bowl, then I’d close the door while the cleaner is working. I think that goes without saying regardless of what cleaner you use.

I’m really pleased with the results.  I plan to make a batch of the General Purpose Cleaner to clean the rest of the toilet and bathroom.

Until tomorrow,









Mom, we would never drink out of the toilet.  Now, Woody on the other hand….

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