Day 25 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Recycled Mint Tins

Make Madness


Day 25 of Make Madness – Recycled Mint Tins


IMG_25561-550x36601e21d6d6ba4bdf91e9623a6e788c67edf04322a26For this tutorial I decided to paint my Altoid tins black mostly because I didn’t have any white flat paint.  I grabbed a few rolls of washi tape and taped away.

As I was working on my tins, I thought about a few other ideas for decorating these boxes involving scrapbook paper, my doodle art, photographs and alcohol inks.  I have 6 more tins left, so I’m going to give those other ideas a try in the next few days.









I haven’t filled these guys yet because I still need to add a coat of Mod Podge to seal the tape, but I’m definitely going to build myself a sewing kit, a hexie kit, knitting stitch markers holder and a watercolor kit.  And I’m going to heed Mindy’s suggestion and use one for dog treats.  The tins are a perfect size for my pocket when I’m walking the dogs.  Now I won’t have to contend with treat crumbs in my pockets.

Until tomorrow,






Awesome mom!  I can’t wait for our next walk!


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5 Responses to Day 25 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Recycled Mint Tins

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    These are super cute!

  2. Organizing Chic[k] says:

    How cute! I love the black one with writing… I am really into this chalkboard paint phase lately and I think this will be on my project list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea, and I like the using them for doggie treats while you out walking the dog.. Thank you for sharing :}

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