Day 20 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Fabric Bowl Cover

Make Madness


Day 20 of Make Madness – Fabric Bowl Cover


This is one of those projects that I’m so glad I finally made.

I used leftover fabric from the Christmas apron I made.  I think all your aprons and bowl covers should match ;-).

I picked a bowl I use all the time, laid it upside down on the fabric and cut around 3″ from the bowl.  I folded the fabric over about 1/4″ and sewed a hem, then over about 3/4″ to create a tunnel for the elastic.

I ran the elastic through using a safety pin, fit it over the bowl and sewed the elastic pieces together.  I tucked them into the tube and sewed it shut.







01e8e2c64788853c4abad40128d0df7937ee9f27f2So fast and quite cute.  I’ll be making more.

Until tomorrow,






Hey mom – you could make some of these for the cans of yummy food you sometimes buy to mix in with our kibble.  Of course, you’d have to buy some of the yummy food, but that’s okay because I’m here ready to eat it.



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2 Responses to Day 20 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Fabric Bowl Cover

  1. Ed Lawson says:

    Do you use any vinyl or plastic lining?

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