Paws || Walk On – 2.15 – 2.21

Every now and then when I’m walking dogs, I will just stop, ask them to sit for about 30 seconds and then I will say “walk on”. That is there cue to start walking again. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. They’re super focused when they’re on the walk and I like to know I can get their attention any time I need it. 2. It’s good to continue to incorporate training into their daily routines. Just as we need to continue to refine our skills, so must dogs.

This always reminds me how important it is for me to pause and reflect on the past week and then think about the next one as I “walk on”.

Paws | Week of 2.15-2.21

• called my Grandpa in England.
• had lunch with friends.
• caught up over dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in years.  So much fun.
•  set up my new paper cutter.  Plan to make cards like it’s my job next week.
• continued tidying my craft room.  Figured out how I’m going to store my embossing powders.  Now I just have to do it.
February-Photo-A-Day-2015-1024x1024• continued February’s Photo-a-Day challenge.
• met for coffee and knitting with friends.
• mailed off a couple of Cattywampus catnip toys  and some waterproof dog pillow inserts for some Etsy orders.
•finished reading Silenced by Dani Pettrey
• took care of some friend’s dogs this week.

01f4bbd001226633b1e257cd0831b80922b3e78fdemade a dog chew toy for said friend’s puppy, Pippin.
01afe5fe75ad7aad89fb62f82194c909bc6545ca33• received my yarn order for a wedding gift.  Getting yarn in the mail makes me so happy.
• walked the dogs almost everyday.  Decided to keep track of our walks on a calendar.  So far for 2015: 48 out of 51.

01155186f43602eca1bd1bb0336efa46e2dce65c7d_00001• still working on Margaret’s scarf.
• started collecting paperwork for taxes.

Walk On | Week of 2.22-2.28

• call my Grandpa in England.
• knit and drink coffee with friends.
February-Photo-A-Day-2015-1024x1024• keep up with the Photo-a-day challenge for February.
• continue to work on Margaret’s scarf.
• start wedding gift project.
• need to make and post cards from January Card Series || Cards for 2015 in my Etsy shop.
• repeat the #clutterfree30 challenge.
• continue to organize my craft room.  You’re probably wondering when I’ll be done with this.  Me too.
• begin reading Scary Close by Donald Miller.
• work on Quest46.
• finish prepping for taxes.  Want to be done this week. See quote below.

My favorite quote from the week:  “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”  Timothy Ferriss.

Have a wonderful week,





The puppy was awesome, but we’re going to need a week at a dog spa to recover. And some REALLY good treats.

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