Christmas Movie List

In 2012, I watched 25 Christmas movies, one every night of December starting on December 1st.  I would have repeated the tradition in 2013, but my mom and I spent Christmas in England taking care of my grandpa that year and we weren’t home until January, 2014.  So I’m ready to revive the tradition with 25 Christmas movies for 2014.  Here’s my list (in no particular order).

christmas movie list














All these movies are either about Christmas or take place at Christmas with the exception of two – Babette’s Feast and I Remember Mama.  For me, Babette’s Feast a wonderful reminder of the true spirit of the season. Out of great love for a group of people who are oblivious to her true talent, Babette sacrifices all she has to prepare for them a celebration dinner served only at the finest French restaurants. And I Remember Mama is a sentimental, wonderful story about family and the sacrificial love of a mom for her children – both movies remind me of how God loves us. You’ll need several boxes of Kleenex.

This is also a time for me to watch and re-watch dog-related Christmas movies.  Prior to starting this month of movies, I always stock up on boxes of Kleenex and I recommend you do as well.

Obviously this list is a selection of my own personal favorites (and my own personal sentiments and quirks).  I’d love to hear about movies you watch that aren’t on my list.




Mindy Ellie dogs



We’re ready to start watching movies, especially the dog ones.


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4 Responses to Christmas Movie List

  1. btang44 says:

    What do you think about the movie Elf? I know a lot of people who watch it, but I personally have not watched it. Thanks for the post!!

  2. Michelle says:

    You’ve got Elf and Love Actually, which I usually watch at least 5 times for Christmas! I also love The Grinch.

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