Paws || Walk On – 10.5-10.18

Every now and then when I’m walking dogs, I will just stop, ask them to sit for about 30 seconds and then I will say “walk on”. That is there cue to start walking again. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. They’re super focused when they’re on the walk and I like to know I can get their attention any time I need it. 2. It’s good to continue to incorporate training into their daily routines. Just as we need to continue to refine our skills, so must dogs.

This always reminds me how important it is for me to pause and reflect on the past week and then think about the next one as I “walk on”.

Paws | Week of 10.5-10.11

• attended a memorial service celebrating the life of a dear friend.
• helped to count the offering at church.
• helped a family member with a doctor’s appointment. (I love that I’m available for things like this)
• visited and took care of 4 extra dogs.  I love weeks with lots of dogs.
• finished Woody and Ellie’s dog beds.
• posted a picture everyday for the October Photo-a-day Challenge.
• started my secret project::  Quest46.
• changed my calendar/planner by adding a week-at-a-glance section.
• had a wonderful lunch with friends at the Elephant Bar.  Such good food.
• cleared leaves and debris to get ready to start laying pavers in backyard.
• Finished And Then You Dye – book 16 in the Monica Ferris Needlework Mystery Series.
• finished my brother’s birthday card.
• worked out once this week in addition to daily dog walks.
• started planning a MAJOR reorganization of my craft room.
• took a meal over to a family that just had a baby.

Walk On | Week of 10.12-10.18

• celebrate my brother’s 44th birthday.
• Skype/Knit with a friend in San Diego.
• plan 3 Christmas card designs for upcoming Pinterest Party.
• take Ellie in for a tooth extraction.  Poor baby.
• balance the checkbook and pay bills.
• make dog beds for Woody and Ellie.
• think about projects for an all-day craft day on Saturday.
• return library books.
• work on a book binding class for my friends Girl Scout troop
• work out at least twice this week.
• start laying pavers in the backyard.
• start reading book #17 by Monica Ferris, The Drowning Spool

My favorite quote from the week:  “Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They’re not there to scare you.  They’re there to let you know something is worth it.”  C. Joybell C.

Here’s to facing fears,


Quest 46, item #3

Marriage Category
3.  Find and implement new ways to honor Mike every day.  Why???  Because I love him.  Plain and simple.  And because I want to be proactive in deepening our relationship.






You think you’ve got fears.  How about balloons, thunder, lightening, loud noises, sneezes, the school bus, people touching my feet????  Now those are real fears!

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