Fall is my Favorite

Picture 293I have to say of all the seasons, Fall is my favorite and today is the first day of Fall.  Even though the temperatures where we live are still in the 90’s during the day, the mornings are beginning to cool down.  Leaves are starting to turn into the brilliant shades of autumn and the thoughts of pumpkins, hay bales, candy apples and crisp morning walks with the dogs makes me giddy.

01e3b2b653804d90fc7ad192f7845b7fb27961e196_00001I’ve been filling the house with pumpkins galore (oh man do I love pumpkins), burning pumpkin spiced candles and decorating my wall tree with fall leaves and pumpkins.  I have plans for a vegetable garden starting next year and you better believe that I’ll be planting pumpkins.





I’m always amazed at how energized I feel during the Fall.  Even though nature is preparing for a long winter’s nap, I’m feeling relief from the long hot summer.

So inspired by Fall this year, I came up with a 2014 Fall Collection of my Cattywampus catnip toys.  I started making catnip toys about 8 years ago while I was volunteering at the local SPCA.  Even though we’re a dog family, I did have cats growing up and my love for knitting led me to design a catnip toy using fun fur.  I have over 20 different colors all with whimsical names, but this year I decided to add the 2014 Fall Collection.  The Fall Collection includes, Crazy Candy Corn, “Howl”-oween Hullaballoo, Pumpkin Spice Party, Colors of Fall and Candy Apple Pie.  In addition to the new collection, I’ll also be featuring Pumpkin Palooza in my Etsy shop.

IMG_0117IMG_0113 (2)Sheldon, my friend’s very agreeable cat actor, was willing to play with a couple of the toys for pictures.  He is featured here playing with Purrfect Purples and Razzy Red.  The toys are durably made with 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with premium catnip. Guaranteed to drive your cats CattyWampus! 

I’ll finish with some of my posts featuring pumpkins.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I really love pumpkins.  Enjoy and Happy Fall!  Grace

Pumpkin Creme BruleePumpkin Pie Smoothie
Stitched Pumpkin Card
Pumpkin No Bake Energy Bites
Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub
Jack Be Little Pumpkin



“You know why I like Fall???  Cause I get to cuddle under blankets.  It’s the best!”

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