Top Ten reasons why I love my iPhone

iphoneI’ve owned at iPhone 4s for almost a year and a half  and I have to say it was one of the best buying decisions I ever made.  Recently I found myself in a situation where I didn’t have my laptop for a day and I had plans to post several scrapbook layouts for National Scrapbook Day.  After a few minutes of kicking myself for not planning better, I had an epiphany.  I could use my iPhone for everything.  Camera for photos, check! WordPress App for blog post, check!  Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for sharing, check!  As I marveled at the awesomeness of this little genius, I thought about all the other reasons I love my iPhone.

Here are the top ten reasons.

10.  I can communicate quickly with my family and friends.  This comes in real handy when you’re at the store and you need to know which brand of deodorant to buy.

IMG_50179.  Instead of clipping coupons, I just download the apps for Joann’s and Michael’s and have a 40% off coupon with me always.

IMG_50198.  The Daily Carb App.  I need to keep track of my blood sugar readings and times when I take my insulin.  I can keep it all in one place with this app and export the information to excel if I need to send a weeks worth of numbers to my doctor.

7.  The camera.  I use my phone exclusively for all my photos.  It’s so convenient.

IMG_50186.  I can listen to any kind of music I want through the Spotify app.  And podcasts – well, all I have to do is download them and they’re available for listening while I walk the dogs, exercise or work on projects.  They’re a constant source of inspiration.

5. The HeyDay App.  Such a powerful tool for documenting the day. It’s a life saver when I’m behind with Project Life.

IMG_50204.  Using the Feedly app, I can read all my blogs on my phone.  I use the ‘save’ feature to bookmark those that I want to read with a larger screen.  It’s synced with my laptop.  I can also browse through Pinterest.

IMG_50213.  Instagram, Collect and Groovebook Apps.  All photo apps, but each a little different.  Instagram is a social photo site, Collect reminds me to capture a photo everyday and Groovebook takes photos from my phone and sends me a 4X6 photo book every month for $2.99.

2.  Video camera.  I am able to shoot video of my craft projects to use as tutorials and put them on this blog.

1. I can write and post blogs using the WordPress app and post and process items in my Etsy shop.

What do you love about your smartphone?






“I know you like your phone, but I hope you never replace us with an app.  I’m not sure what an app is, but I think it’s something I would growl at.”


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