Otherwise known as…

I made four layouts for National Scrapbook Day and the final two were similar in technique and title, but with a couple differences.  One was titled “Otherwise known as ‘Ellie'” and the other “Otherwise known as ‘Woody'”.

I was inspired by a layout created by Wilna Furstenburg, a Garden Girl over at TwoPeasInABucket.com.  She used a combination of acrylic paints and tacky glue to create a background, then pushed die-cut lettering into the paint and finished the layout with a photo and embellishments.  It was breathtaking and I just had to try.

Here are the layouts:


In both layouts, I first hand wrote my words and then cut them out of heavy watercolor paper with my Silhouette die cutting machine.  The weight and the type of paper was important because I was going to be pushing them into thick paint.  I chose 5 different colors for each layout, mixed the acrylic paint with white tacky glue and spread the colors horizontally.  I then needed to wait 24 hours to make sure the paint was completely dry.  I chose colors consistent with the photos and the dogs.

After the paint was dry, I used an exacto knife to cut away sections of the paint so I could tuck the photos behind.  Wilna did this on her layout and it was a lovely effect.


I trimmed the white paper to 10 1/2″ square and mounted each layout on a piece of coordinating patterned 12X12 paper.  I embellished with washi tape, banners, stickers, brads and wood veneer.

Here are some closeups:

IMG_4938 IMG_4937IMG_4936IMG_4945IMG_4946





I’ve wanted to do a layout about the various names I have for Woody and Ellie, but didn’t have a vision for it until I saw Wilna’s layout.  Thank you Wilna for such wonderful inspiration.







“Well, we can only say ‘It’s about time’.  You had us a bit worried there.  How about a treat to say you’re sorry?”

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