I remain affectionately yours.

I remain affectionately yours.  I have always thought that is one of the best ways to end a letter or a note.  While the usual Love is fine to use, I’m always on the hunt for better ways to accurately convey the depth of my feelings for the person I’m writing to.  Not that writing letters is something I do very often.  I do, however, enjoy sending cards {usually hand crafted} for different occasions.

IMG_3654I had been out of practice until February, when I took part in a card swap for Valentine’s Day hosted by Jill at Create.Craft.Love.com.  Not only was it great fun to make the cards, but everyday I went to the post box with silly excitement to see what surprises were there.


IMG_3653This was my contribution.  I loved playing with all my pink and red washi tape and adding the splash of gold embossing for the sentiment.

This little venture has re-ignited my love for hand crafted cards {I used to make cards all the time} as well as wanting to bless others with the silly excitement of receiving something fun in the mail. I shared a couple of cards in the I do love a challenge and the St. Patrick’s Day Card blog posts.  Even today, with texting and email as the primary methods of communication, there’s nothing like opening your mail box and seeing an envelope addressed to you.

I remain affectionately yours,




IMG_0641Hey mom.  You know we’re “affectionately yours”, but it really helps when you have treats.  Just saying.

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