Pinterest365 – Day 56 – DIY Storage

Box StorageToday’s Pinterest365 is a DIY Storage solution that I was inspired to make when I saw this post on Pinterest.  I love the symmetry of the boxes, the clean appearance and the adorableness.

IMG_0479I have a collection of cubbies that I use for storage in the closet in my Craft room.  I removed the closet doors years ago so the space was visible.  Every now and then I wish I still had the doors so I could hide the mess :-).  But I don’t so my only course is to tidy things up.  As you can see I’ve let it get away from me, so when I saw this post, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

IMG_0478The best part for me with this project, besides the tidiness, is that it hasn’t cost me a dime.  I fished some used boxes out of my recycle bin and started to cut the pieces I would need.  The cubbies are an odd shape (10 1/2″ X 11″ X 9″), but once I had the pieces cut all I had to do was tape them together.  I only covered the front with scrapbook paper because it’s really the only part you see and I didn’t want to waste good scrapbook paper on something that won’t be seen.

IMG_0481IMG_0480As you can see, I haven’t gone for the “pretty” look.  I grabbed some index cards, scribbled down the contents of the box and taped it to the front.  I will fuss with “pretty” later.  Right now I just want to get things put away and organized in a logical and efficient manner.

I’m really pleased with the results.  Only 29 to go!  Grace

IMG_0475“Will there be a box marked ‘Woody’?  And if so, what will you store in there?”

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