Goals for 2013

I love starting.  The excitement, the newness, the freshness of the start.  Actually as Mike so delicately pointed out yesterday, what I really love is ‘planning’ to start.  And he would be right.  I love planning more than I love execution, but I’m working on changing that or at least having more balance.  I also tend to err on the side of over-planning as you will discover from my goal list, but as my mom pointed out the other day, that just seems to be how I am.

I’m writing my “Goals for 2013” post today rather than tomorrow because I want to hit the ground running tomorrow.  I know they’re usually called “Resolutions”, but over the past few years (decades) I’ve learned that I don’t keep resolutions, but I do work on goals.  I only have one rule for my goals.  They must move me forward in the areas of my life that I deem the most important.  Beside each goal, I have an area or areas of my life where this activity impacts because I want my time to be spent doing purposeful things.

I also spent a month identifying areas in my life where I wanted to commit to change.  You will see some of those on the list.

In no particular order:

1.  Run/walk the 2013 Honolulu Marathon with Mike (health, diet, weight, 25th wedding anniversary)
2.  Read more (personal growth, family)
3.  Blog everyday (personal growth, business)
4.  Paint kitchen cabinets (home)
5.  Make jean quilts for couch (home)
6.  Keep up with daily chores (home)
7.  Organize craft room (home, finances, business, hobbies)
8.  Continue to not eat wheat and reduce sugar (health, diet, weight)
9.  Celebrate our 25th anniversary all year – just like the Queen (marriage)
10.  Gift giving plan (family, friends, finances)
11.  Read the Bible through in a year (personal growth)
12.  Grow “A Thoughtful Paws” (business)
13.  Document my days – Project Life, CaptureYour365, Nieces & Nephews (hobbies, personal growth, family)
14.  Complete two paper crafting classes (hobbies)
15.  Knitting projects – Knit-a-square, shawls, hats, scarves, sweater (personal growth, hobbies)
16.  Yard – finish retaining wall and brick patio (home)
17.  Grow my Etsy shop (business, hobbies)
18.  Eat 95% of our meals at home (health, finances)

What does your 2013 look like?   Grace


Picture 700“We have lots planned for 2013.  Mom bought this book called ‘101 Dog Tricks’ and we’re going to learn some of them.  I’m sure she’ll post video if we actually learn them.”



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