31 Days {Day 3} || Committing to Change – Household Chores

Confession:  I really don’t like to do housework.

I can think of endless possibilities of things to do with my time and housework just never makes the list.  However, in this quest of lasting change in various areas of my life, I want to better in this area.  I do clean our home, but the deep cleaning usually happens the day before we’ve invited people over and even then I don’t get to everything.

Through Pinterest, I discovered Clean Mama who has cleaning plans for each month.  Here’s a link to October’s plan, if you’re interested.  Appealing to my love of all things lists and planning, I have downloaded the cleaning plan for October and am well on my way to spotless living.

This will be a challenge for me because I have a habit of not making housework a priority.  It’s too easy for other things to crowd into my day, but for the next 31 days at least, I’m going to work on prioritizing and coming up with a manageable schedule that will help me go a level deeper than surface clean.

What’s your most favorite/least favorite household chore?




“We’d love to help with the housework, but we’re afraid it might interfere with our nap/looking out the window time.  Besides you know we don’t like the vacuum.”

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5 Responses to 31 Days {Day 3} || Committing to Change – Household Chores

  1. trimitup says:

    Our cats hate the vacuum so I put that off till really needed.

  2. Ed Lawson says:

    Yard work, I hate yard work!

  3. Heidi says:

    All of it! I waste so much time.

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