Pinterest 365 – Day 31 & 32 – Ornament Wreath and DIY Vintage Ornaments

100_4241I love Christmas ornaments.  The more colorful the better.  I often pick up boxes of them at garage sales and as you can imagine I have quite a few, but not as many as you would think.  I dug most of them out today for my two Pinterest picks.

Ornament WreathI have various sizes and colors and love displaying them in jars and bowls and on the tree.  However, when I started seeing the ornaments wreaths that were showing up on Pinterest I just had to give them a try.

100_4240100_4243100_4244I found an old wire coat hanger, had Mike help me bend it into a circle and began the process of hot-gluing the metal cuffs to the tops of each ornament.  Because these are glass, if they fell out of their clasp they could fall and break so gluing them helps to keep everything in its place.  100_4247After the ornaments were all glued, I started sliding them onto the wire hanger.  It took quite a few ornaments to fill the hanger, but I had enough.  I found a wide ribbon, glued it to the hook part of the hanger and then started filling in some of the open spaces with smaller ornaments.  These I just hot-glued straight onto the larger ornaments.  And this is the result.



Create Vintage OrnamentsNext I broke out my bottle of nail polish remover and started wiping it onto a collection of smaller ornaments.  Very soon the color started coming off the ornaments and they were left looking old and tarnished which is the look I was going for – vintage. 



100_4251I mixed these together with some bright new ones in the glass candle holder I made the other day.  I really like the look.  I have a trifle bowl tucked away in storage that would work wonderfully for displaying a collection of different sized ornaments.  I think I’ll find that and add it to my decorations.

100_4254100_4252Both these tutorials were easy to follow and fun to do.  And it feels really good to be using the stuff I’ve been collecting for years.  Grace




100_4227So even though they are a round shape, I’m not to climb up on the dining room table and try to play catch with them?  I just need clarification.”

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2 Responses to Pinterest 365 – Day 31 & 32 – Ornament Wreath and DIY Vintage Ornaments

  1. Cookie17 says:

    I all so love vintage look.these so pretty,love you dogs ..Thank’s,Cookie17

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