A Month of Challenges – Day 2 (December 2)

Today reminded me that we can plan like crazy, imagine how events are going to unfurl and still we can be pleasantly surprised with how life unfolds.

  • My December Daily picture and journal entry will be the100_4189 story of being part of lighting the Advent candle at church for the first Sunday of Advent.
  • 100_4223This picture is my entry for the iHeartFaces Photo Challenge.  Today’s topic was “elf”.  I was going for the idea of elves having large, pointed ears.  Seems like we have an elf-dog living amongst us.
  • For “Journal Your Christmas”, the suggestion was made to choose one memory of the Christmas countdown from your past. I added a story about the Christmas packages that my Nanna and Da would send to us when I was young and the Advent calendars they would include.  This will be added to my December daily album.
  • white christmas25 Christmas movies.  Mike and I watched White Christmas.  This is such a feel good movie yet I am always reduced to tears at the end when they sing the tribute to the General.  Make sure you have tons of Kleenex.

Until tomorrow,  Grace



“Elf-dog, really?  Are you getting me back for not wearing the reindeer antlers?”

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