Pinterest 365 – Day 15 – Recipe Holder

I spotted this pin a while ago on the Good Weekly blog and actually made ‘my version’ for a dog-themed Pinterest party.  I decided to make it again today as a Christmas gift for a dog-lovin’ friend.  You’ll notice that the end the result of the blog tutorial looks nothing like what I produced, but this is a case where the tutorial served as inspiration not duplication.  I followed the general directions, but stylistically I went in a completely different direction.

I purchased scrapbook paper, paint, a piece of 7″X9″ wood frame block, wood letters, clothes pins, and a wire frame holder.  I painted all the wood using Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl paint and cut my paper to fit the frame.  To conserve paint (not that you need to) I only painted the back and around the edges up to an inch onto the frame.  I “painted” the top of the frame with Mod Podge and glued the paper making sure to remove any bubbles.  After I was sure there were no bubbles, I covered the whole piece with a nice layer of Mod Podge just to seal everything.  I let that all dry and grabbed my glue gun to attach the letters, the clothes pin and the frame holder.





As you can see the clothes pin is strong enough to hold a light recipe book, certainly strong enough to hold a recipe card.  There were several sizes of frame blocks so you could make it larger or smaller depending on your needs.  And for those friends who are really not into the cookin’ thing, it makes a nice note holder! 






“Treats? How about rustlin’ up a batch of treats for us, pardner?”

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2 Responses to Pinterest 365 – Day 15 – Recipe Holder

  1. Riane says:

    Wow, this is awesome, Grace! Your version turned out really neat 🙂

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