Pinterest 365 – Day 14 – DIY Mini Paper Sacks

Every now and then Ellie and Woody have friends stay over and this Christmas I wanted to them to know we were thinking of them by giving them a little gift.  And what do all dogs want for Christmas???  Treats!!!!

I found this tutorial over at the Lavender’s Blue blog and thought it would be perfect for my idea.  I made some alterations to fit my needs, but the instructions for the basic bag were excellent.  The possibilities are endless for the ways you could use these cute little bags.

This is also an incredibly inexpensive project.  I bought 40 brown lunch sacks for $1 – so that’s about 3 cents each.  Then I was able to get two mini sacks out of each lunch sack so that drops the cost to .15 cents each.

I cut the bag into an 8 1/2″ X 6″ piece (you actually get two pieces out of one bag).  The instructions tell you to cut the edging at the end, but I chose to do it next because I was using an edging punch and it wouldn’t work when the bag was completely assembled.  (Yes, that is a dog paw punch)  I then followed the folding and taping instructions.  I didn’t have any scotch tape so I just used my tape runner and it worked fine.  The end product was about 5″ tall and 1″ wide.  Perfect for my dog treats.  I filled it with treats and taped it down with some striped washi tape.

I am already imagining how to use this for a whole bunch of projects.  Very fast, extremely economical and super cute. 


“Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Is that bag for me?”

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