Pinterest 365 – Day 2 – Sockee Poo

It’s not often that I get to combine two of my loves:  dogs and knitting.  I discovered this pattern for Doggie Poo Bag Pouches that uses sock yarn.  As I alluded to in a previous post, I have a bunch of yarn and some of that is sock yarn.  Now, I haven’t actually knit a sock yet {on the list of things to do}, but I still buy sock yarn.  So, I was delighted when I saw this pattern for something that can use my stash and be useful at the same time.

I use the biodegradable rolls of doggie poo bags to take care of my dogs’ business when we’re walking (I like to call it ‘policing your brass’) and many times the rolls would unroll in my pocket causing me to have a bunch of bags just wadded up in my pocket.  I tried the hard carrier cases, but they always seemed to whack me on the wrist (because I attach them to the leash handle) or were too big to fit in my pockets.

These poo bag carriers (or Sockee Poos as I like to call them) are made from washable, microfiber yarn and superwash merino wool, are small enough to hold a roll of 20 bags, can fit in your pocket or can be attached to the leash handle, and look super cute.

I used Deborah Norville’s Serenity Garden Yarn and a size 3 circular needle using Magic Loop.    I tried the pattern with DPN’s (Double Pointed Needles) and was frustrated with the fiddly-ness of the DPN’s.  Then I found this great tutorial on YouTube that taught me how to do Magic Loop.  I’m addicted to Magic Loop now.

I made two different kinds (although the pictures only show the roll-top edge); one with a roll-top edging and the other with a ribbed sock edging.  I also made my edging shorter – 1″ not 1 1/2″ like the pattern.  The average dimensions of mine are 5″ X 3 1/4″.  The pattern called for an i-cord drawstring, but I don’t like to knit i-cord, so I found some black, heavyweight string and a cute dog bone toggle to cinch the bag together.  The yarn is variegated so each Sockee Poo is a different collection of colors.





If you have any people in your life that would enjoy a Sockee Poo, they are available now in my Etsy Shop for $9.  They come with a roll of 20 biodegradable poop bags.  With Christmas around the corner they would make a cute stocking stuffer or gift for your dog sitter, groomer or walker. 


“Finally something we can get behind.  Get it – ‘get behind’?  I’ll bet you didn’t know that dogs have a wonderful sense of humor.”

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