Pinterest 365 – Day 1 – Mosaic Tutorial

Today I tackled the Pottery Barn Inspired Mosaic Tutorial by Remodelaholic.  I was drawn to this project because of the colors, but as I read the tutorial, it was the simplicity and inexpensive cost that sold me on it.  Oh and the Mod Podge.  My final design didn’t look very mosaic-y, more like a hodge podge quilt, but I quite like it.

I loved picking out the colors of my scrap paper and cutting out the 1″ squares for the mosaic. I chose to assemble my project with a recycled art canvas that I picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents.  I started out by painting over the watercolor with white acrylic paint, and then using the Mod Podge for both the glue to adhere the paper as well as for the final sealer.  The tutorial called for paper glue, but I found the Mod Podge worked just fine.  I worked from the outside in like the tutorial indicated, but if I were to do this again, I would work from the top down.  It’s easier to hide mistakes that way.







It was fun to pick out the colors and arrange them.  Much like doing a jigsaw puzzle. 

“We wanted to help, but we didn’t think that glue and our fur would mix.  Besides Ellie  can’t work puzzles.”

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