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One of the last commitments to change that I’m going to talk about in the 31 day challenge is continuing with this blog.  {Side note:  This is by no means the last commitment I will ever make in my life :-)}  As I talked about in my first post, I have started and stopped a couple of blogs over the past few years.  Something always seemed to get in the way (mostly my lack of discipline).  But accepting the 31 day challenge has given me an opportunity to lay the groundwork for an adventure.

Before I tell you my plans, let me tell you that I LOVE blogs.  I love the idea of people sharing their ideas, their journeys and their lives with the whole world.  There are some pretty genius folks out their that would only be able to amaze their local friends and families if it weren’t for the web and their blogs.  I use Google Reader to access the blogs I follow.  And when I say follow, I mean I scan most of them on a daily basis and read a handful in their entirety every day.  I have them organized by category; it just helps me to keep track.

Some of my favorites that I read everyday:

I few months ago, well before my job ended, I was toying with the idea of putting together a blog as a potential launching pad for a business.  On countless walks (with doggies), I thought about the subject of my blog.  I considered knitting, dogs, general crafts, sewing, repurposing, scrapbooking, you name it I thought of it.  Nothing seemed to be hitting the spot until one day when I thought to myself, why not have the blog be about all of it.  Ideas and musings worked out while walking my dogs.

So that’s the thought process that went into the title of this blog.  As for the content, I’m counting on it being worked out as I go along.  I have loved creating and making stuff ever since I received my first set of sewing cards when I was 4 and my first ‘big box’ of Crayola crayons with the sharpener in the back of the box.  I still get a giddy feeling when I clap eyes on a fresh box of crayons.  My only set plan is to embark on what I’m calling ‘Pinterest365’, an adventure to present one Pin from my boards every day for the next year.  Most of the pins I choose will be completed in one day, but some will stretch over, but I will share the completed projects.  I often say to myself, “someday you should actually do some of the things that you pin.”  I have participated in several Pinterest Parties, but with over 6,000 pins on my boards, I’ve only cracked the surface.

In the blog world, I have nothing to recommend me expect a promise of creative things to come.  The past 27 days have been an excellent chance to dip my big toe in and see if I like the water.  And I do.  I hope you join me, Ellie and Woody on our walks.

“Mom, you taught me how to walk down the stairs, now Woody and I will help you learn how to do this blog thing.  We’re just hoping that most of the pins that you make will be dog-related.”

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  1. edlawson99 says:

    Ok, so how do I follow you?

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