Committed to Change

There are days when I like to think that I have everything completely under control and nothing changes… then I wake up.

I have wanted to have a blog for ages and have started and stopped a couple over the past couple of years.  Work, family, commitments always seemed to get in the way of me following through (I even had one called Intentional365… how’s that for setting yourself up?), but actually I lacked motivation.

Yesterday marked the last day of a job I had for 7 years and I am officially without a formal occupation.  I chose to leave because it was time, but today I find myself not with a lack of things to do, but with the feeling that something is missing.  I have worked since I was 21, right after college and it feels a bit weird to not have somewhere to go and it will certainly feel weird on the 15th to not receive a paycheck.

I have some ideas of things I want to do, but mostly I want to take some time to see how each day goes.  I happen to be married to the most gracious, perfect man for me and we’re walking this new journey together.

So for the next 31 days, I am excited to be joining The Nester for the 31 Days Challenge, by committing to change.  I don’t do change well, in fact, I usually fight against it and I certainly always have several backup plans in place.  I do want to change in several areas of my life and I think the time is now.  I read an article recently from the blog on the subject of Commitment.  In the article the author, Lorilee Lippincott, described how lasting change only comes about through commitment.  She also listed four strategies to help create lasting changeExpect set-backs, tell others, make small goals and own it-live like you’ve already achieved it.  It’s a great article and I recommend you read it if you’re interested in making lasting change in an area or areas of your life.

So what is this blog about and what’s with the title?  The title of my blog may seem strange to you… “While Walking My Dogs”.  It came to me months ago when I realized that most of my ideas and inspiration come while I’m walking my dogs.  As you will come to realize, I love dogs. I apologize in advance for the excessive dog references.  As I’ve pondered the purpose of these postings, I’ve realized that it’s all about the things I love… there are many and they won’t be in any particular order.  Somedays it will be inspiring, other days it will be instructive and yet others it will probably just be pictures of my dogs.

I do hope you come back to join me on this journey, at least the for next 31 days and I hope that what I have to contribute to the infinite blog community is worthwhile.

These are my dogs, Woody (left) and Ellie (right).

“So you’re starting a blog again?  Will this involve extra walks and treats?  Just asking…”

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