Make Madness 2018 – Day 20 | Notions bag and Progress Keeper

Even though it’s really cold and rainy today, it’s also the first day of Spring.  With that in mind, I wanted to continue to practice bag making skills with some cheery fabric and new techniques. I found a gorgeous watercolor print in my stash and paired it with a lively lime color for the lining.

I decided to make a notions bag with a “leash” and on a whim added a “dog paw” progress keeper to attach to the zipper pull.  I used my standard lined zippered bag tutorial and boxed the bottom.  Before sewing the sides completely closed, I added a fabric tab with a “D” ring attached for the “leash”.  Then after the bag was complete, I made the “leash” by folding and sewing a strip of fabric to a lanyard hook.

I love using zippered bags for my projects, but prefer that they come with handles.  I had seen bags with detachable ha

ndles and thought I’d try to make one today. I’m really pleased how it turned out and plan to fill it up.

Until tomorrow,






Speaking of “leash”, we’re ready when you are.







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