Make Madness 2018 – Day 7 | Kool Aid Dyed Polka Dot paper

Nothing makes me happier creating beautiful papers with color and shimmer.  If it sparkles and shimmers then I’m sold.  Back in December I discovered a Youtube video by Hermelinda Z. Aguilar where she demonstrated how to dye paper with Kool Aid and also create an awesome polka dot effect using items from the Dollar Store.  Here’s the link to her video.

I followed her instructions to the letter and here’s what I made today.







These papers can be used in art journals, for collage art, as backgrounds for card making or even as wrapping paper.  The possibilities are endless.





Here’s today’s video showing the results of my efforts.

Until tomorrow,






Don’t mind me.  I’m just hanging out waiting to see if anything resembling a dog biscuit will be coming out of the oven today.  So far it’s only been paper.

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2 Responses to Make Madness 2018 – Day 7 | Kool Aid Dyed Polka Dot paper

  1. Tammy Moreno says:

    Very Kool !!! I love the dots and shimmer.

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