Day 16 – DIY Hand Sanitizer – {DIY From Scratch}

I don’t know how things are where you live, but it’s cold and flu season around here.  A few weeks ago, Mike was out for two weeks with a nasty cold and flu and just this past week my mom caught a bug.  I’ve upped my Vitamin C and Echninacea and so far so good.

0125e6ed931738be45e3405e99b63481397e4f192601c966647f0339bdd17c6e400625992f25c6e4cf06And to add to my anti-germ arsenal, I thought I’d make a batch of hand sanitizer.  I found this tutorial that uses three ingredients:  rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oil scent.

I removed the label and cleaned up an empty liquid soap bottle, mixed the ingredients and I’m armed and ready to fight those nasty buggies.  You’ll notice that my sanitizer is green.  That’s because I found this bottle of mint rubbing alcohol.  It’s green and smells like mint.  I also chose not to use the essential oil because the mixture is minty-smelling enough.

What are some of the ways you protect yourself against the cold and flu season?

Until tomorrow,






Maybe you could find a recipe for a ‘paw sanitizer’ for when we walk outside?


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2 Responses to Day 16 – DIY Hand Sanitizer – {DIY From Scratch}

  1. Apparently I don’t protect myself well enough since I had the flu last week. I would love to make this myself. As a home health nurse I go through this very quickly. Thanks for the tip!

    • gracieed says:

      You’re welcome. I’m actually surprised I didn’t catch the flu because I usually do. One thing a friend who’s a nurse pointed out is that I wash my hands several times a day as a diabetic (every time I check my blood glucose). She believes hand washing is the best defense against germs. I’m sure you’re aware of that, though. Glad you’re feeling better.

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