Day 11 – DIY Weed Killer – {DIY From Scratch}

I’ve taken a departure from all the beauty concoctions to concentrate on the garden.

Weed KillerIn California we’ve been dealing with a drought, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to the weeds in my backyard.  They still keep growing.  My mom told me about the weed killer she uses, a solution made with Dawn liquid dish soap, salt and vinegar.  Obviously it takes longer to kill the weeds than if I used Roundup, but I don’t like using poisonous chemicals because of the dogs.  I’m willing to take the time.

I mixed up a batch and doused a couple of large weeds a couple of days ago in anticipation of this blog post.  They’re not dead yet, but they’re definitely on their way out.  I’m extremely hopeful that this will help keep them at bay.

Do you have any weed abatement solutions that aren’t toxic?

Until tomorrow,






I love how you do stuff to protect us.


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