Day 8 – DIY Skin Brightening Aloe Vera Scrub – {DIY From Scratch}

I’m on a DIY Beauty treatment kick at the moment.

Today’s mixture is a skin brightening Aloe Vera scrub.  Apparently Aloe Vera is a bit of a wonder plant.  According to the blog, Indian Beauty Spot, where I found this tutorial, Aloe Vera has gentle healing properties that can reduce the appearance of damage to the skin by gently deep cleaning the skin by removing dead skin cells, grease, dirt and making the skin look healthier and brighter.

01a83ba60c0f335df27d5da104911720365ea97172And the best part is there are only 3 ingredients in this scrub.  Aloe Vera gel, sugar and essential oil.  I chose to use 01503af98503cb9ae80484ec0df8e242f53cb0b571lavender this time, but you could easily do without the oil. If you do add the essential oil, do it sparingly.  I only added 5 drops and it was a little too strong.

The quantities of the ingredients are only for a couple of applications, but that’s okay because I only like to use a scrub about once a week or else my skin starts to get irritated.  Once again, I’m loving the cost.  Got any Aloe Vera gel at home?  Give it a try.  Very refreshing.

Happy scrubbing.

Until tomorrow,







So that’s for your face?  Looks yummy!


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