Saturday Snippets | April 4, 2015

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

1.  Discovered a new blog.  Make do and mend-able.  This is a gal after my own heart.

2. If you’re a Star Wars enthusiast, you’ll love this.  A Millennium Falcon made out of 99% paper.  Took 4 years to make.

3.  These young ladies have a lot to teach us about perseverance.

4.  Have you ever wanted to something for a 100 days straight?  The 100 Day Project starts April 6th.

5. This would be a cool shirt to get.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,






I know… 100 straight days of you making different dog biscuit recipes.  We’ll help you.

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