Day 26 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Photo Lightbox

Make Madness


Day 26 of Make Madness – Photo Lightbox


012236190e2f001cf58928b51f0642bef7ae26419eI followed the tutorial exactly with the exception of a few adjustments because of the supplies I had on hand.  I only made two adjustments – I used clear packing tape instead of white masking tape and I used tissue paper instead of tracing paper.  I used clear packing tape and tissue paper on my original light box and never had a problem.

I cut up the foam core into 3 – 15″X20″ and 2 – 15″X15″ pieces.  Out of two of the 15″X20″ pieces I cut out a section in the middle leaving me with a 2″ border all around.  I also did this to one of the 15″x15″ pieces.

Then I taped the tissue paper over the three cut out sections.  I doubled up the tissue paper to give it the look of tracing paper.  It also strengthens the tissue paper making it less likely to poke your finger through the paper – like I did with my original light box ;-).

01c2d72b5cf1c21729d635c18acf787b0a06d4fec0After all the tissue was attached, I (with Mike’s help) taped all the sides together.  There are a couple spots that I’ll need to cover with a bit of tissue paper because I’m not a very clean cutter with the Exacto knife, but overall I’m pleased with the box.

It’s much bigger than the first one I made and makes such a difference when taking pictures of product for my Etsy shop.

Until tomorrow,





I don’t think I’ll fit.

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