Day 18 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Dog Bandana

Make Madness


Day 18 – Dog Bandana


It’s a good feeling when an idea that has been swimming around in your head for weeks comes to life.  And actually works.

01c2f41c72905139d3a3712e5de9e12b935a11eb71I picked out two fabrics because I wanted the bandana to be reversible.  I cut them into a triangle shape and sewed them together right side together.  I left a 2″ gap for turning the bandana right side out.  After turning it, I ironed the seams and top stitched about 1/8″ from the edge.

015a12c55cef58709370d5f9601fadf5e610e0c2c901ad6585426323bd6f78fd819decb4613d0841959aI dug through my Velcro leftovers and found a 1/2″ piece that I sewed onto the very tip of the tie.  Even with a Velcro closure it’s possible to reverse the bandana.  I know it’s a bit difficult to see because the fabric pieces are similar in color.

After I finished, I tried it on Mindy and it fit beautifully.  I think, however, on my next bandana I’ll use a longer piece of Velcro so the neck sizing can be adjustable.








Mindy wore the bandana all day and it stayed on the whole time even during playtime in the backyard.  I know she looks serious in the photos, but she really didn’t mind wearing it.  You may notice a bit of black fur in the photos, so the fact that it’s washable is a huge plus.

Now I need to get busy making a couple for Woody and Ellie.

Until tomorrow,






Woody wanted me to ask if we can pick out our own fabric.  I think he’d really like something blue to match his eye.




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