Day 2 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Embossed brads

Make Madness

Day 2 – Embossed brads



d7833247d9534fe465c57a326ff6c6a4I followed the instructions in this tutorial and absolutely loved the results.

01ffb6bafbdad3cc5240f1f14bd6b6c4f3de819828I needed some green brads for a upcoming project so I fished out my brads and my green embossing powder.  I had two varieties: a dark sage green and a verdigris green.

As instructed, I heated my metal brad with my heat gun and dipped it in the powder.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical, but the powder actually stuck to the heated brad.  I then melted the powder with the heat gun and voila – a green brad.  It looks almost black in the photo, but it’s a deep hunter green.






I tried it with the verdigris, and it worked, but I needed to heat and dip a couple of times because the verdigris is a combination of colors (variegated) and kept turning white.  I think I needed to use that powder on a larger surface area.

Of course after the success of those two, I just had to keep heating and dipping.  I used a couple of powders that were mixed with glitter.  I was surprised that the glitter wasn’t more glittery, but I think it melted into the powder.  In the tutorial, she does talk about reheating the brad and dipping the melted powder into glitter.  I’ll need to try that next time.






I found a star brad and embossed that silver.  I really like how that turned out.






This may seem a bit time consuming, but the effect is stunning and worth the time.  Besides I only ever use a few brads on a project at a time.

Until tomorrow,






I’m keeping my eyes closed just in case this is for my card – you know, for my birthday coming up.

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4 Responses to Day 2 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Embossed brads

  1. AndreSue says:

    They look great. Very cool technique!

  2. Neil says:

    Looks cool.

  3. Pam Robertson says:

    Isn’t it Woody’s birthday soon?
    And by the way this is really cool!

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